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UltraSlic™ Stencils

FINE LINE STENCIL Sets New Stencil Performance Standards with the Release of its UltraSlic™ FG solder paste stencil. Print Study and DOE results confirm this technology outperforms electroformed.

Fine Line Stencil’s new UltraSlic™ FG solder paste stencil is the latest breakthrough in stencil technology. With superior paste release below surface area ratios of 0.5, UltraSlic™ FG outperforms all other existing stencil technologies on the market today. Utilizing the latest stencil laser technology and Datum Alloys new Fine Grain stencil material, UltraSlic™ FG stencils have superior aperture registration, outstanding, repeatable paste release below surface area ratios of 0.5, higher performance and lower cost compared to electroform, the option of step stencils, and the option of same day turnaround times. OEM and Contract Manufacturers are faced with ever increasing challenges as assemblies get more and more complex. With the introduction of our new UltraSlic™ FG stencil, we are able to offer cost-effective solutions for the most challenging designs. At prices 20%-50% less than electroform, our customers can now get the performance they need while reducing their overall cost.

UltraSlic™ FG is a stainless steel with superior fatigue strength, super smooth surface and elevated wear factor. UltraSlic™ FG has all the benefits of Slic Stainless Steel, such as excellent flatness and the ability to be half-etched without distortion. Standard stainless steel has a grain size of 20 to 30 microns. UltraSlic™ FG has a grain size of just 1 to 2 microns. This results in a huge increase in the number of grains in the substrate and thus the number of grain boundaries. Energy is absorbed at the grain boundary so this increase in the number of grain boundaries means higher energy absorption. This means that we are able to provide a material with hardness greater than 430HV. Like Slic, UltraSlic™ FG also has the ‘wetcoat’ surface treatment to deliver enhanced lubrication and wetting characteristics.

Finer Printing
For solder paste you will see improved print quality and release and especially with paste types 6, 7 and 8 where PSD can be as low as 1 or 2 microns.

Super Smooth
Super smooth surface technology, coupled with our unique wetcoat treatment results in a stencil substrate that will out-print any material on the market.

Suitable application:

Surface Area Ratios down to 0.45

Positional accuracy:

± 0.008%

Aperture dimensional tolerances:

± 8µ (0.0003")

Standard material thicknesses available:

0.003”, 0.004", 0.005", 0.006"
Other thicknesses are available on request.